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Seville and German tourists

Seville is a very old and beautiful city where the walls are decorated with colourful tiles and where you find cosy parks. You can also find the famous Cathedral of Seville and the castle Alcàzar which have been recognized as two UNESCO world heritages.

Together with the many old buildings in Seville, you can also find a lot of tourists. Especially German tourists. Maybe they only seem to be so many because they are very loud and noisy, but today they were everywhere.

Today’s schedule said a daytrip to Seville, which included a two-hour buss drive. Everyone was very tired in the morning and used those two hours to get some sleep, including me, which wasn’t so smart. Well there, I was even more tired than before and didn’t want to leave the bus, but as always: I had no choice.

As we arrived at the castle I was stricken by the long line of tourists waiting to get in. We were very lucky to have booked the visit before and just could walk by the annoyed and inpatient faces which were starting to turn red in the sun’s heat. We did even get a guide who told us about the two buildings we were about to visit. The castle was quite astonishing with its cross-architecting (it’s like cross-cooking only with architecture) including Christian, Muslim and roman styles. I guess it’s even more interesting if you know a bit about architecture. But, I did get some furnishing ideas for my future living room. I mean, a very narrow and long pool surrounded by gigantic Monstera plants and palm trees under a golden ceiling, doesn’t sound too bad, right? Although, I rather have a pool I actually can swim in instead of that narrow one. However, the castle is well-worth visiting if your interested in ancient castles.

The cathedral is supposed to be the third biggest cathedral in the world after St. Pauls in London and St. Peters in Rome. On the outside we were again allowed to pass the line consisting of tourists. German tourists. The cathedral itself was convincingly the third biggest in the world and very graceful as well. There were many kinds of shiny religious relics and purportedly Columbus grave. We did also walk 35 floors to have a look over the city, and I realized they do have a lot of pools on their roofs in Spain. Not only did I have the pleasure of a nice view. I also got the pleasure of a solid scolding in German, like I haven’t had in quite a while, from a German lady who probably had cued a bit too long in the sun. Regrettably, I found it funny and couldn’t stop smiling which made her even more angry.

After the cathedral we had some free time. We spent it eating some ice-cream and enjoying the 28 degrees, before going home to the flimsy twelve degrees we’ll encounter in only four days.

Naemi, portside


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