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Sharks wasn’t my worst enemy

Today it’s the international women's day. It’s an important day but I really looking forward to when every gender are treated equal all over the world and this day no longer have to exist. While we all trying to figure out a solution for that problem, I’m going to tell you about my day.

This morning I woke up in our dear old lady T/S Gunilla. She lays anchored outside a small paradise island in the end of Belize's reef called Tobacco Caye. Today the hole crew except our captain, got the chance to leave her for a day on the island. The plan of the day was for all of us to see the coral reef on a swimming tour with a professional guide. As soon as we entered, we got a lecture about how the coral reef, mangrove and seagrass work together in a ecosystem. Since I’m having a hard time listening for a long time, I can’t retell for you how they work together, but sure I remembered that it’s possible to meet a shark while you’re out snorkeling.

Pretty scared I found myself a pair of swimming fins, a snorkel and a cyklope, ready to attache the turcose water. At first everything went in my way. The water temperature was nothing to complain about, it was around twenty-seven degrees and when it surrounded my body I felt pleased. My swimming fins fit perfectly and they made me like a fish in the water. My cyklope therefor, didn't want to cooperate with me. As soon as I started swimming, salty water leaked in and hurt my eyes. I tried to pour it out and continue to follow the guide-guy. My friends kept pointing at cool stuff in the seabottom but I could’t see anything so I gave up and swam back to the island. Sharks wasn’t my worst enemy, my cyklope was.

After lunch I decided to just chill in a hammock with one of my best friends, we both fit in one so we hanged out there for a while. Imagine our view, palm threes, small houses in happy colors and clean white sand with coconuts everywhere, it’s surrealistic. I kept on chill for the rest of the day. When the sun started to set we went back home to the best woman in the world for some dinner. T/S Gunilla was happy to have us all back onboard and served us spagetti bolognese with parmesan cheese. Thank you Gunilla for being the best women in my life, I love you!

Julia Brandberg


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