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Showed the host families Gunilla and went out to town

Today did we wake up at the host families. That was the first long sleep that I have gotten under the whole trip. It was really nice. But the best thing must be that we got a wonderful breakfast, it was really good.

After that did we drive back to the boat and we showed them around. They seemed to like how we lived and studied. After a while did we say goodbye and we change phone numbers. You maybe will come back to Barcelona sometimes and then could it be fun to visit them again. After that did we ate lunch, I was so hungry and the food were so good. It was perfect.

I was so tired after that so I just took it easy until the dinner. For dinner did they serve beef with red wine sauce and baked potatoes. That dish was one of the best under the trip.

After that did I and two other guys went out to shop at la Rambla, a popular street in Barcelona. But when we came back after two hours was I just tired. I think I fell asleep directly after I jumped into my bed.

Joel Hultback, portside watch


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