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Sightseeing on Madeira

We went on a guided tour by bus and saw the northern part of Madeira. I enjoyed the view from the bus window since it made me feel like I was in a jungle. We made a few stops with the bus, including a stop at a beach where we were able to go for a swim.

When I woke up this morning, I realized I had missed breakfast, I had overslept as usual, and no one was surprised. One hour later all of us sat on an old bus ready for a guided tour. The bus took us to the northern part of Madeira which was as beautiful as the rest of the island. The pointy mountains were covered in dark green trees, and it almost felt like we drove through a jungle. The guide showed us several monuments and told us about the history of Madeira.

We drove for about two hours until we stopped at a beautiful view-point. The chef, Bronte, had made pasta salad with curry and we ate our packed lunch on a cliff by the ocean. It was over twenty degrees, so I took the opportunity to sunbathe. I could have stayed there for the rest of the day but had to get back on the warm bus.

After our lunch break the bus brought us to a beautiful church in a small town.

We strolled down the streets and found a beach where we took a brisk swim in the ocean. The guide laughed at us when we told her we went for a swim, she thought the water was way too cold.

When we got back on Gunilla it was time for dinner. Even though I’ve spent the entire day on a warm bad smelling bus I enjoyed the guided tour.

Hanna Hakeröd, starboard


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