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Since last

Tomorrow marks one week since we started our trip. The feeling when Hans told us ”everyone tested negative” was amazing. Such a relief. Finally, another chance to sail with Gunilla.

After being quarantined for a week it was finally time to head to the school. We were greeted by Anna, our DOS, at the door. Shortly thereafter we got assigned to different classrooms. Everyone had their own corner in the classrooms, waiting to get called to do the Covid-19 tests. When the test was done, the longest part was ahead of us, waiting for the results. After one and a half day of waiting we finally got the results back. Everyone was negative. Now the real adventure could begin. After the positive news we carried all the mattresses and luggage out of the school down to Gunilla. Then we started with the basics. Repetitions of where everything was, how to do stuff and all the rules. After a day with many emotions it was finally time to sleep.

This week has been full of hard work and a lot of laughter. When we got to the boat it was not ready for the take off. No sails and tons to fix before we could leave the port. The whole boat needed to be cleaned, a food delivery was needed and a lot of things had to be put in their place. Three long days went by and almost all sails had been put up. We finally left the port and were on our way to our destination.

Today, a few days later, we have already gotten used to life on board again. Our work ethic and team spirit is extraordinary. You can feel everyone’s excitement. Iceland, we’re coming for you!

Irmeli, Portside.


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