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Sleepy head

Ever wanted something really badly for a long time, say being able to walk more than 50 meters straight? But when you finally can you just want to sleep? No? Okay, well I have, unfortunately.

Spending 2 weeks at sea takes its toll on you. That’s why sleeping in sounded really great this morning. Especially since the forecasts said it would rain cats and dogs. But much to our surprise the day stayed rain free. After a nice two-hour nap, some of us finally went into town for a nice little stroll along the harbour to look at all the paintings from different ships passing by.

Some of you reading this might have heard of the famous sailor café, Peter’s. But for those of you who don’t; it is a café/bar/ hangout place/information desk for tourists, especially sailors, to visit and meet each other. All over the walls and the ceiling there are flags and paintings from different ships. You can also leave postcards for other people visiting, for example the freshmen coming next year. So after our stroll we went there and ate lunch.

Since it’s also been a whole month since we left Sweden and all that it offers, we decided to buy soft ice-cream. Unfortunately, it didn’t taste as good as back home, but it was close enough. After eating our ice-creams and just walking around we went to the supermarket before heading back to the boat for a nice meal of Spaghetti Bolognese.

Though walking around town like a zombie might not sound like that much fun, it was the perfect way to inhale the new air that is the Azores. So now I (well rested) can’t wait for the upcoming days of hiking and sightseeing.

Take care,

Maja Olausson Midship


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