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Solsidan and Torekov in sight

Today is the third day onboard T/S Gunilla. My watch, midship, have the 12-4 watch so we started this day early at 12 am.

I was ”post” (when you change between lookout, helmsman and lifebuoy guard every 30 minutes) so it wasn’t very exciting four hours for me. After we had slept for some hours it was time for the last four hour watch for today. Once again I was ”post” but the wind had increased so it was a bit hard stearing but our second officer, Oskar, is pretty chill. And after a few mistakes I had gotten the hang of it. Two hours into the watch we started seeing land, and in fact we saw Torekov. Which got me thinking of the movie Solsidan and I couldn’t stop singing the solsidan song in my head for the rest of the watch, with Torekov’s shore in my sight.

It feels so weird being back at Gunilla again and getting into the old routines. But I love the life when out at sea, especially when the fresh air blows through your hair and you can’t see nothing but sea. I am also lucky with not having to experience seasickness as some of my other classmates are struggling with that.

To sum up my day it has been very good, now I’m going to bed because in a few hours I’m on watch again until 4 am tomorrow. Hope you all have had a lovely day too!

Stella Donning, Midship


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