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Soon in Malaga

An early morning with dolphins, a sky full of stars and delicious blueberry soup. The day offered a lot of sunshine and in the afternoon we anchored for the first time during this voyage.

In starboard’s case the day started at 3.30 am, when we were woken up by a friend who turned the lights on and told us about the weather outside. Our eyelids were as usual heavy as stones and it was hard to get out of bed. When our friend came for the second time to check if we were awake, we decided it was time get up. We put on our work clothes and went outside where we met a sky covered with stars and an ocean full of dolphins. After enjoying the view for an hour, it was time to drink blueberry soup in the kitchen. It was sweet, warming and delicious and it gave us new energy. After the soup we sat down and listened to our watch leader who sang for us and she also read a chapter from her book. It was a very calm and comfortable watch. Even though it’s fun to work, you need this type of watch as well when you just can enjoy the time at sea.

Our watch ended at 8 am and we could then enjoy a warm shower, which we really needed since we were very cold. When we were done we heard that there finally was phone-signal, so we were very happy. Immediately we called our parents and our friends, answered some messages and mails, and checked what had happened on Instagram. It was nice to hear what happens outside the boat. It’s like living in an own little bubble when we’re out sailing and you have no contact with your family, friends or the rest of the world. It’s a bit relaxing though. You don’t have to worry about anything but what happens onboard.

Another thing that happened today, was that we anchored for the first time during this voyage. It was really interesting to see how it works. The day also offered a lot of sunshine, which was very appreciated. Some of us, including me, really want a good tan before we get back to Sweden. We still have some time left though, so I think and hope we can succeed. It’s always nice to have a better tan and blonder hair than the rest of the Swedes. Anyhow, tomorrow we will arrive at Malaga and we’re really looking forward to seeing the city, since we have heard it’s very beautiful.
Frida Ölme, Starboard


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