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So tired you want to laugh

Sadly the winds are not good enough for sailing

Sadly the winds are not good enough for sailing or we have headwind so we have to keep the engine running. But we hope and think that on Thursday and Friday there is going to be good sailing winds and we can finally start sailing for real. My watch, midship, have the 8-12 watch and today has been a very tiering day. We started the morning with climbing in the rig. It was so fun doing work in the rig until the sun came up and I realized I had way to much clothes on. The inside of my slickers became like a hot sauna. It was a relief when it finally became ”fika”. The rest of the day I was so tired and it got to that stage when you are so tired that all you want to do is to lay on the floor and laugh for hours. Since we signed on life on Gunilla is great and it is so peaceful to sit, lookout and all you see is ocean for miles and then suddenly maybe some dolphins pops up and starts playing in the bows.

Stella Donning, Midship


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