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Spoiled and hungry

Another day on the sea, and the rumours about when we are going to tie up on the Azores are spreading. Some say in two days and some say in three days. If it is anything we have been forced to develop here aboard, it is the ability to not have answers and just accept the way it is.

One more thing we need to accept is that we are alone on the sea. Most of the time there is no other ship in sight. We are alone on top of the sea but probably we are not as alone as we think we are, if we count the things underneath us. This night we saw dolphins, but the depth is about 4000 meters and many dolphins fit in there. Much bigger organisms than dolphins as well. So far we have had the luck to see pilot whales, but I really wish for something bigger to take a breath above the surface. Maybe a blue whale or something else not as dolphin-looking as a pilot whale. The fact that a pilot whale is not exotic enough, definitely is a sign that we are extremely spoiled.

A third thing we have to accept aboard Gunilla is that food is a big part of the daily routine. We are getting hungrier for every day, and the portions are growing bigger and bigger. In the beginning of the trip we were served a sandwich or two as a night snack. Now we are being served three sandwiches, and on top of that a few glasses of hot chocolate. The first time we got cake, we were allowed to take one piece. Yesterday the cooks made apple pie and we still got one piece, but this time the piece was as big as a mountain. Those are some things we need to accept here on this ship. Hope you have a good time at home! :)

Tyra, starboard



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