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Starboard-the stargazing ghosts

Just as any other day the 8-12 watch woke up early to get up and work. We unwillingly rolled out of bed and got ready to eat breakfast. As usual we could choose between porridge, bread or a bowl of cereal and milk. After a few days at sea you develop the habit to hold on to your cup of water so it doesn’t slide down the table and splash down an innocent person.

After our watch we had freetime for eight hours until it was time to work again.

When we got up on deck ready to work almost the entire midship guard was lying down on deck pale as ghosts. And just as ghosts you couldn't see them in the dark, so naturally I almost tripped on one of them. Now, it was time to work and to brace, brace and brace the sails a bit more. With only half of our shift left, we had lost more than half of our soldiers due to seasickness, and by the end of our watch all of us were pale in the face. When all hope of a good day was gone our captain grabbed his guitar and showed us his hidden talent, singing and playing the guitar.

We have been on this boat for about three weeks now but never could I have guessed that he would have a good singing voice and be that good at playing the guitar. We all lied down on deck and looked up at the sky as he sang about taking a girl on a date on a sailing boat. The sky was filled with stars and our watch leader taught us about a special one, the Sirius star. You could see it shining in different colors, red, green and white, just like a disco ball. We all later on went to sleep with a smile on our face hoping for more stargazing evenings like these.

Lea Gabinus NAB2023, 4/11-2020


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