Öckerö gymnasium

Stashing up to feel better

Today the crazy news that we are actually sailing home the boat has sunken in. Or almost at least, I don’t think it ever will until we are home.

Today we took the bus to Merida for the third time. Because it’s Sunday almost everything it’s closed in Progreso. Starting the day with ice-cream and wifi has become a new routine for us here. We called our families to take advantage of the last wifi in a couple of weeks.

After lunch we started the hunt after warm clothes. When I packed for this trip, I didn’t pack for the North Atlantic and now everybody has a pretty hard time to find winterclothes in a country where it is +30 degrees in the winters… But we all did the best we could.

I think we all love Mexiko so far and everybody is working on their Spanish. Although I think it’s more gestures and sounds than actual Spanish. But somehow all of us has managed to get back to the boat. Hopefully we will be able to get home to Sweden as well.

See you in a lifetime :):

- Henriksen, Portside


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