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Strange routines and weird greetings

I woke up at half past four in the night, or in the morning. It depends on how you see it but for me it’s feels like night. My morning, personally, starts at lunch. That is because it’s first of all called night shift and after it ends, the majority of my guard eat breakfast and then go straight to bed.

I had been assigned to be look-out but unfortunately I had to surrender to the seasickness and ask to be replaced.

Look-out might seem to be a pretty chill post when you are seasick compared to be in the work force but that is wrong. Very wrong. Look-out is so hard and after when you are supposed to change posts you are too shaky to steer the boat.

But to be backis, standing in the byssa (the kitchen) while everything moves, is the absolutely worst on the seasickness-scale.

After lunch, pasta with tomato sauce, did starboard guard had Harbor Summary. We talked about good and bad things about the things we did in Gibraltar and tips to next years students.

For example it’s very, very important to not have plastic bags at the Gibraltar Rock. Ocean Village is a nice place to be in and you should eat kebab.

Then we hear an alarm, it’s the fire alarm and we all have to go up to deck and do the counting. It’s sunny and nice outside but when the whole crew is standing there is one student missing!

Two of the guard leaders change to smoke-diving clothes and goes down and after a while do they find him.

Of course all of this was practice and we all knew about it and the student was asked to stay under deck before. I think the crew handled it very well and I feel bad for the two guard leaders that had to put on the fire suits with oxygen et cetera and first go around under deck and then stand outside in the heat while first steersman goes through the suits functions.

The rest of the day has the main talk been about the gard-salute. After every guard shall we say ’’God vakt’’ and the new gard shall answer ’’God frivakt’’. This has all went kind of south with strange dances and weird sounds. ’’Eat, sleep, gard and repeat’’ with belonging hand movements and christmas lines with steps for example. The gards has started to be kind of competitive.

I am now going to sleep, I have to wake up in six hours and then will the routine start over again.

Elina, Styrbordsvakt 


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