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Today is our last port watch here in Lisbon before the departure tomorrow.

I started to paint the gunwale on afterdeck at the same time as i was watching the Dutch boat preparing for departure later in the afternoon. Yesterday had our Dos and Captain talked to teachers from another sailing school and decided that the students from Gunilla and Golden Leeuw Would meet and have some guided tours on each ship and after that would we find something to do together as example 5-fight. But they never come witch was kind of boring. But we had a movie night with the whole class instead which was very nice.

After the painting started we to clean the laundry room carefully because we are son done with our second trip with Gunilla which is feeling boring. So we took apart the washing machines and dryers to remove all the dust which took the almost the whole day. Around 3 o´clock was it time for break and some apple pie and after the break a submarine just went by outside Gunilla. We could only see the door in the middle above the submarine. It was very cool but it would be funny to see the submarine dive and just disappear.

The time passed by and its soon time for us to start cleaning the toilets and all the other spaces on Gunilla. But before that had we chance to wave good bye to the students when the Dutch ship left port. They walked out on deck to wave back and shouted god bye, have a nice trip and things like that. Our schools are a little bit different because they only sail one time but their trip lasted in 9 months while we sail 2 months by each year. They are also living 66 people in one room. When we share at most with 4 people. We heard from our Dos that their old boat unfortunately sank some years ago and its nice to see that they are back with another boat today.




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