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Sulphur spring mud spa

Today had starboard upper bunk free time. So it was only eight of the whole class that were free. Two girls and I went to a small village called Grenville, we were staying there for maybe one hour, eating food and interviewing people about history and religion.

Then we took a bus to “Sulphur springs” where the mud spa was. We where at the spa for maybe two-three hours, and rubbing mud on our bodies. Our skin where so soft afterwards, thanks to the mud and the coconut oil that we got. I bought a bag with cooled coconut oil before we went to “the bus stop” that actually wasn’t a bus stop, just a big road where the busses often passed by. We took a bus tour around the island and I think it is so beautiful here on Grenada. It is green everywhere on the island.

We went to a karaoke bar later at the evening. Then more of our classmates joined us and we sang many songs together and had a really good time. I did really enjoy it and I think everyone did. It was an abandoned facility on the ground floor BUT it was so cozy on the second floor. Everything was made out of wood and it was colorful lightning here and there.

We got alcohol tested when we came back to the boat, all of us were clear. Everyone gets nervous even though they know that they haven’t been drinking. Later we had war with plot coasters in the big mess afterwards, it was so fun, everyone where throwing coasters at each other.

The day was filled with so many fun things, I learned a lot and at the same time I had a good time.

Olivia Brothèn,



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