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Sun in the sky, sun in the ocean

To be woken up at 3.30 in the morning for work is not my dream scenario but unfortunately my daily routine here onboard. This morning it was extra hard to get up because of the coldness inside the boat (since our chief prefers it cold, which is the opposite to my opinion...). Staying in bed the extra minutes I did, resulted in little time to get ready and no time for coffee before watch and I thought this was going to be the worst watch in a long time, but little did I know…

04.00: Me and my tired watchmates begins our watch with climbing in the mast and watching the stars above us since there was no other important tasks that needed to be done.

05.00: Time for snackbreak! We happily climbed down the mast and I was satisfied by the thought of soon getting to drink todays first cup of coffee. The snack we get is mostly bread and coffee and I have to admit that the bread is tasty but after eating it 3 times a day, every day for more than 1,5 months you get pretty tired of that same bread... Therefor we were happily surprised with blueberry soup for snack today!

05.15: Snackbreak is over and out on deck again we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise! With no clouds in the sky and no work that had to be done; me and my watchmates could enjoy the beautiful view together for 45 minutes (a very unusual happening since we work almost all the time).

06.00: Suddenly my friend called out that he saw something floating in the water! Looking more closely we found out that it was a sunfish (google it;)) making it’s way over the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean! Since sunfishes are kind of unusual to see our first mate Jesper decided to make a 1800 turn to see the fish again. After the successful turn when we saw the sunfish again. Then we continued our way towards Portsmouth and surprisingly we saw 4 more sunfishes in an hour.

07:00: Time to clean the deck and setting two more sails!

07.30: All the “work” was done and we had 30 minutes left: 30 minutes to look at dolphins making silly jumps in front of our ship.

08.00: Watch was over and we got to enjoy breakfast and todays second cup of coffee.

To be clear: this morningwatch was a good one, a really good one. Usually the watch between 04-08 can feel like an eternity when there is only darkness, coldness, some rain, the same old bread for snack and no marine animals to see.

Until next time (in two days…)
Amanda Perols, Starboard


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