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Sunny workday on Gunilla

Overall everything’s great here on Gunilla and we’re very excited about the journey ahead of us!

The day started with breakfast as usual, but afterwards Portside and half of Starboard went on a trip to Hamburg. Meanwhile Amidship had our second work day at Gunilla. We had some work to do in the rig so some people had to sit in a swing while a few people on deck made them travel between the masts. It was a funny sight I can tell you that!

The sun was shining and we were all sweating but not complaining, rather have warm weather than cold. Although you get pretty thirsty, so some water-breaks now and then wasn’t that bad. On one break we even got some freshly baked carrot cake made by the cooks assistants. It was really delicious!

Later in the afternoon by 17 o’clock we started cleaning under deck and in my opinion we were really fast, effective and thorough of course. Then there was dinner and some of the people who had the day of were starting to arrive back to Gunilla.

In the evening at 21 o’clock when everyone were relaxing, watching movies and chatting we heard that some supplies had arrived outside so we were all forced to help get it onboard. We weren’t that happy about it but we worked together which made it pretty simple. Teamwork always works!

Hope you had a nice day, but have in mind we had it better ;)

Lina, midships



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