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Sun, Sunshine and arrival to Bremerhaven

It's the third of June and today we arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany.
I don’t have much to say about entering the port and the most exciting part was when our captain drifted into the first floodgate. I don’t know if we have our captain to thank for the smooth arrival or the German architecture.

Anyways today was one of those days when the sun just kept shining all day long. Unfortunately it was also one of those days where I just kept sleeping and sleeping until the clock hit twelve, and I got woken by my roommate for lunch and work. We spent the morning packing upp sails, so that they were beautiful for our arrival and the afternoon entering port.

When we finally were set in our “parking space” port edition we could wind down and enjoy a wonderful dinner on deck in the sun. Shortly after that we were eager to explore the town, and so we did. It was late so we had limited time, but we still managed to make this day a day to remember. At first we were a little bit disappointed as most stores were closed. But then we got a little bit happier when Johannes managed to fix everyone a 10% discount at a German kebab. Since most of us were full after dinner we decided that we would use our discount tomorrow. After that we found a lovely field of grass next to the ocean, which we laid down in and appreciated the lovely weather and the fact that we are in bremerhaven. We got met up by a couple of friends and we went to the “beach” and played volleyball.

The beautiful setting with the sun on its way down in the background compensated for the lack of play.

As before we have to finish with a riddle, this one is quite hard so sharpen your thinking.

Take one out and scratch my head, I am now black but once was red. What am I?

From Gunilla by David Boek


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