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Super spicy Quesadillas

Our watch started at four a clock in the morning, with some hide and seek in the dark. We went three rounds before the sun started to come up and it was nearing fika time. At five a clock in the morning the portside watch always has fika, but this day the fika had us all fooled…

Today’s menu for the fika was quesadillas and hot cholate. The hot chocolate was very tasty the quesadillas not so much, the quesadillas was catfishing. They looked super tasty and crisp with a perfect layer of cheese sauce, however after the first bite you realised… you had been fooled. There were jalapenos everywhere and they were super spicy. Your mouth started burning, I tried to save it with milk, but nothing worked. When we left the fika my throat felt like it was on fire, so it hurt to breathe. The only one who was truly satisfied was Aron who ate seven of them. This backfired for Aron believe it or not, he was so full that he could barely stand up and about five minutes later it was time to unfurl our highest sail, the rojal.

After the rojal was unfurled we did an exercise where one person in the watch got to lead the work with the help of our watch leader Alex. This took some time because it is a lot to keep in mind at al times so the sail doesn’t tear. When the rojal was finished we cleaned all windows inside and outside.

We have also been trying to call, with a song, different whales. So far it has not worked, but we aren’t giving up yet. The song is very easy you clap your hands and then you clap on your legs and sing. “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar” “The blue whale stole the cookie from the cookie jar”. Then the blue whale is supposed to answer with “Who me?” “Yes you” “couldn’t be” “then who?". We have even tried it in whale language “ououuuoaaooaoua” and it has still not worked for us. With an end goal in sight, we are not giving up on the whales. The only animal we have succeeded to call on have been dolphins.

At three a clock in the afternoon it was time for fika but also a fashion show. For fika we got chips, popcorn and homemade pink lemonade. The fashion show was about all of our knitted shirts and hat we had bought or knitted during our trip to Reykjavik and Lerwic. When the fika was over It was time for watch again. Today I was in the kitchens making TACOS because it was taco Friday. The food was very tasty, but it made a mess on the floors and the tables, that we had to clean up.

In a few days we will start to see the coast of Scotland and hopefully have some reception and get in contact with the outside world.

Greetings from somewhere on the mordatlant

Ia Algell


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