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Switched watch hours and leaving Grenada

Today it’s the February 1st and we are leaving Grenada.

We had a blast in Grenada! Some of us didn’t even want to leave, but we are looking forward to Santo Domingo.

Today we switched watch hours, which means that Starboard now have the 8-12 watch. After the morning line up we started preparing for take off, and at 9am we were on our way. At 10:30am we had a safety exercise, where they throw a life buoy in the water. The message was to understand the importance of throwing a life buoy on time if someone goes into the water.

We didn’t have any lessons this day, which I thank for. I mean, it’s not the best to study while you are feeling seasick. For lunch we got oven backed pancakes and for dinner broccoli pie, in my opinion a bad decision but we are all different. On the evening Josef had a presentation where he talked about when he was in Samos, very interesting and breathtaking.

Other then that we didn't do so much this day except for leaving Grenada and feeling sick.

Best regards, Kerstin



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