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Tension in the air

The first day of the last trip had arrived and there where mixed emotions involved, some part of me could not wait until I was back on T/S Gunilla, the other part of me wanted to stay home.

The first day of the trip started as an ordinary day but I could feel the tension in the air. The calm before the storm as you would say in swedish. All 44 students met up at Landvetter, some with parents, some with friends, some with boyfriends and some with all. After our goodbyes, kisses and hugs it was time to board the ship and officially start the trip. Ironically, the flight to London was 45 minutes late and since we were not going to have much in time in Heathrow to our connection to Miami, we were not sure if we were going to make the flight.

When we at last arrived in London, the stress was everywhere. Flight attendants, assistans and security guards all rushing us to catch our flight to Miami, and imagine since we are 44 people, everything we do is all but discrete. At last, we caught our flight and every 44 of us made it all the way from cold Gothenburg to warm Miami. From there we met up with Anne-Li and took a bus to the destination we flew over 10 hours to get to, T/S Gunilla.

When we got to the sailing ship it was kind of surreal how big and real it was. Remind you, we had not been on this boat for nearly one and a half year so my picture of Gunilla had gotten blurry around the edges but when we got there everyone rushed down their bags as usual and got comfortable quick. I live in one of the smaller cabins with my excellent cabin mates and even though it is a small cabin and we kind of have to dance around each other to avoid bumping into each other, I like it. After eating and meeting the rest of the crew we got to go out and explore the harbor until ten o’clock, even though we already been here, it was nice to go out and see the place again. After this whole eventful day I was worn out and went to sleep. When I tell you I slept like a baby, i’m not kidding. It’s something with the bunks here, when I fall asleep, I’m not getting up. Anyways, I’m not sure what I feel about the trip but I have to say, It beats the cold at home.

Saron Alazar



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