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It was a normal day in port and i had free watch. Me, Felix and Johanna talked about going to the beach. We made up our minds and we were off after packing some things. Johanna came up with the brilliant idea of going there by buss because it was quite far if we walked. We started walking on the quay.

After a while we reached the city, we looked around and then dicided to searched on google on how to find the buss we were going to take. We saw that even if we took the buss we hade to walk quite far but we decided to do that anyway. So we started walking and after awhile we were at the busstop, we waited there for the bus to come.

Finally the bus arrived and we stepped on. Me and Felix went on at the back and Johanna went in at the front. Suddenly the bus driver shouted something in spanish at Johanna. The bus driver said that you needed a special bus card to go on the bus but we didnt have one of those. So me, Felix and Johanna stod there confused and looking at eachother for advice but no one knew the answer. All the other passengers looked at us with angry faces and Johanna became uncomfortable so we walked off the buss. We stod at the busstop for awhile but then we all decided to go back to Gunilla. We walk home with heavy steps and 3 bags full with bathing stuff that we werent able to use.

Arvid B


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