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The arrival

Today we arrived at the Dominican Republic. We began the day with the usual guard schedules and switched to port schedule at around four. Us in starboard who had the twelve to four guard got the responsibility to dowse and furl all the sails.

It was a very sweaty job, but two of the officers in command helped us. This was the first time haven’t had an all-hands maneuver when we’ve come alongside the quay, during our trip.

When we were up in the rig Tove, one of the commanding officers, asked us multiple times if we were going to faint. It was REALLY sweaty and hard. We even had to take a break to drink som water before we down’ed the mainsail.

Well in port we had to wait for Leo to negotiate with the port guard. We went ashore as fast as we possibly could to discover the new port and it’s treats. We found a restaurant on the main tourist street which we decided would do. It was really tasty, however a bit pricy.

At first glance, the Dominican seems cozy and easy. It is, but there’s a lot of trash in the river where Gunilla lays, and some in the street gutters. We couldn’t experience the Dominican fully in those few ours though.

At night when we returned we watched Mamma Mia in the big messroom. That was a cozy point to end a very long day on.


Elvira AL


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