Öckerö gymnasium

The bay of what?

We have finally reached what we all have been waiting for, the bay of biscay!

I actually do not know what to feel about it, thank you jesus and praise the lord that i am not seasick. I thought that i would be the one who were laying down all day throwing up over the rail. It does feels pretty cool to be here and being in the middle of high waves and sing along to Chanty songs and feeling like a real captain from Pippi Långstrump.

Today might be one of the most scary days of the trip, and i blame the weather for that. Meter high waves, hard wind and rain that felt like typical Gothenburg-rain. There is one thing i do not prefere to do on Gunilla, and that is to furl the sails. So of course this day it was time for the ”Furl-sails competition”. At first i do not like to climb the rigging alone, and defently not when the ship is roling. But i went quite good, with some positive energy from the first dolphines of the trip we all did our best and furled all the sails.

This stormy weather comes with all kinds of problems, a seasick teacher and a kitchen were everything falls down. We have been eating sausage and potatoes for 2 days a row, and thats because our chefs have’nt been able to cook some new food, and yes thats beacause of the seasick. But that doesnt stops us, we will always keep on going! Hopefully the weather will get a little more relaxed tomorrow!

Hugs from Maja in Styrbord.


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