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The big packing day 13 December

The big packing day 13 December

The list in the hallway of things that are missing gets longer and longer as the day goes on.All of a sudden, all memories, newly purchased items, and experiences must be pushed down into two bags that weigh a maximum of 40 kg. In less than two hours, we will simply pack up what has been our lives for the past five weeks. And then it will be unpacked in 53 different places around the world, where no one else can understand what we have been through.

My glass from saint-Malo or poster from Haag will just be a poster and a glass for my family, but full of memories for us. Atmosphere is therefore a little stressed, tired and nervous if everything is to fit in the bags. A tip that always goes home, roll the pressure and then sit on the bag, then you can get down with another item. When we’re finished all the bags builds a mountain on half deck. The mountain gets higher for every cabin that’s done. We'll be home soon!


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