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The big turn

Happiness comes from many different things.

Sometimes it’s hard to get that wonderful feeling but tonight my friend felt that bubbly feeling coming from her favourite song playing from the kitchen at our 15 min break. With a big smile on her face, she said to me: “This made my day!”

Waking up at twelve o´clock at night wasn’t that hard today. The water was still and the wind only blew my hair away slightly. It was very soothing to look out over the big black ocean at the front of the boat and I was lucky enough to see some stars falling. The ship’s bell stroke eight bells and it was time for our seven-hour long sleep, finally!

In the day, I got the assignment to prepare a wall by the sink for painting. After hours of grinding and getting dust in my mouth, I was finally done and proud of. Just when I was about to paint the wall the captain called everyone to gather on main deck. As our officers started preparing the boat, the students with confused faces started gathering. Soon even the main chef and our teacher were there to help. We were going to change tack.

For those who doesn’t know what it means to change tack, it is when the boat turns toward the wind changing the front to the opposite direction. It’s exciting because many things are happening at the same time and it requires focus and the captain’s demands for the boat to be able to turn all the way around without trouble. Gunilla only change tack once a year because it’s hard and sometimes Gunilla doesn’t turn all the way around. That’s why it’s so special that we got to be a part of this rare event.

I hope that tomorrow when we arrive to Lübeck we’ll have an even better day, without having to work and get dust all over you.

Sofia Klahr, Starboard ☆


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