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The Birthday

Today was no ordinary day, it was a day of wonder and appreciation. For one person at least...

I was woken up at 4 am like usual, told to put on some warm clothes, a harness and a lifejacket. Out on deck it was dark like always, and we took over the guard duty from Midship. I thought it was going to be a relaxing guard, maybe I could even nap a bit. However, this was not the case. Midship, the guard before us, had made some heavy mistakes right before our switch. When they were trying to take down the two top sails, they had accidently released the sheets (skot) for different sails. This was quite serious actually, without the sheets the sail cannot function properly and will just swing back and forth heavily. So it became our duty to take down these two sails, and set them again. this was very hard to do, since our regular procedeur for this is to use the sheets to help the sails get taken down. Instead we had to use our combined muscle power and pull the sails up without help from the wind. It was hard, but eventually we got it right. Then we had to set them again immediatly.

After our guard was over we went directly to bed to sleep until lunchtime. This was also our first oppurtunity to congratulate the birthday-girl Josefina. She was celebrated properly, and her cabin-mates decorated her bed with ballons and lights. She also recieved a mega chocolate ball by the chefs in the gally at fika time. And when I say mega, I mean it. The ball was bigger than a big mac, and had to contain more calories than both lunch, dinner and breakfast combined. It truly outshined every other chocolate ball in existence and it was no surprise that Josefina couldn't eat it all by herself.

After a while we had to work again, but this time it was less hectic, we sailed into port and everyone went to bed satisfied that we had arrived in portimão.

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