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The changing of watches

Today was a day of happenings.

First of all, our beloved, Cuban pigeon Bengt Balometa (who has been one of our biggest motivations to follow through with this trip) disappeared today. According to midships he flew over board and because of the weight he’s gained lately he wasn’t able to catch up with the boat again, which sadly caused him to drown.

As you may have read in the recent blogs the bird has been some what controversial on the boat, and caused us to divide into two different groups; the pro-birds and the ones against birds. The ones against our beloved pigeon have among other things had an attempted assassination of the bird (using life-threatening chemicals/T-Sprit), verbally tortured him and his followers, and thereby given us pro-birds more than enough reason to suspect that this sudden “disappearing” wasn’t random at all. Because Bengt disappeared on midships hours (the watch that also just happens to be the ones having the strongest agenda against Bengt) in the middle of the night it is hard to say if this tragedy was an accident or not (it wasn’t).

But enough about the bird. Today was also the day we changed watches, a day we all have been waiting for. After 20 days at sea it becomes a bit boring to follow the same routines over and over again. Therefore, a schedule-change would be very refreshing. Since we left Mexico our (starboard) days have more or less looked like this: wake up – go on watch – sleep – study – go on watch – sleep – repeat.

Now however, it will look more like this: wake up – go on watch – study – go on watch – sleep – repeat. A drastic and exiting change J Nice.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and RIP Bengt Balometa. You will always be with us.



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