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The chef’s special assignment

Today I got woken up at 7, got dressed and went to the first breakfast in the new dock. 8 a clock it was time for line up and the captain to say some words before the watch started. First it seemed to be an ordinary day for me and my friend in the work force, but we got a special assignment from the chef who needed help grocery shopping.

The chef Pontus needed help and me and my friend got assigned to help him by our watch leader Klara. Pontus told us to change into ordinary clothes and meet him at the gangway in about 10 minutes, he also told us to eat a sandwich in the kitchen before we left because there where a risk we wouldn’t return in time for lunch. Our first mission was to find a cab to take us to the biggest grocery shop on La Palma which turned out to be the size of a normal grocery store in Sweden. To find a cab was not the hard part about our mission it was to get understood by the cab driver who spoke about five words of English.

After a while when we finely got there, we took four shopping carts and started our grocery shopping. Both me and my friend got shocked when the first cart was filled because of how much of the same foods we needed to cook for all the crewmates on the boat. The chef explained that this was little compared to the amount of food he usually gets to shop witch just made me and my friend even more mind blown. We went back and forth through the shop looking for the different items on the chef’s grocery list. It happened that we needed to ask for the whereabouts of different foods which got extremely complicated because of the lack of English skills the workers had and how bad our Spanish skills are. We tried at first but then I downloaded the application “google translate” which helped a lot. Walking towards the register with four full carts with massive amounts of basic foods like flour, eggs and milk caused everyone’s eyes to stare and some people started laughing. In the register my Spanish skills came to use when we needed to ask if they could order a big cab to fit me, my friend, the chef and all the grocery’s. After a 10 minute wait the cab arrived and was not bigger than a usual cab, as a result we needed to order 2 cabs to fit everything.

After the eight-minute drive back to Gunilla our stomachs craved some food which was an amazing moment to here that they hade saved some lunch in the kitchen for us. We filled our stomachs and said to each other that this had been a great day. We later reported to our watch leader that we were ready to work and got to end the day cleaning the toilets and the rest of the main floor inside the boat with the rest of the work force.

Olle Herrströmer NAS 2023


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