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The Daily Hustle

Today has been a pretty intense day, it was the first full day at sea from Madeira to the Azores.

The rutines are starting to form again but the sea sickness has not disappeared fully. I woke up 11.50 in the middle of the night by my roomies Theo and Hjalmar screeming that I should be on deck in 5 minutes. Guess what?? I did not make it but I still gave it a real effort and made it to 11.59 which I´m pretty impressed with. Our watch still got a punishment that we next time would need to be on deck 5 minutes earlier but that's fine they didn't hate me because everybody knows that could have been them.

Our watch was very windy, I think the by wind was about 30 meters per second and the waves were not that nice to us, but I mean every day is a hustle and I live today and so I am happy. Anyways when we got a break, ice cream was served and I feelt pretty good about that. The watch went on and so did the time, the watch was finished at 4 am and everybody was running in to their cabins and I bet I feel asleep in approxematly 2 minutes.

11.20 we were stormed by cabin 11 (our enimes, just kidding) if I remember right, they blasted the intro of Star Wars. But at least I had a good morning and we were on deck in time. The day just rolled on nothing other than normal, pulled some ropes, climbed some ladders a normal day, like I said.

Now I'm laying in my bed about to sleep because I need to get up again in 4 hours so goodnight my fellow readers.

Written by William Strandell


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