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The day of waves and wind 

“Its raining soy sauce from the little mess-room!” I hear someone scream from upstairs. That’s just the beginning of what these waves caused. The chairs in the big mess-room is all over the place. People from the watch is coming down all wet since the waves nearly washed them away and when we ate lunch we heard a lot of crash-boom-bang from the kitchen.

The day started 03:30 as usual for portside. Prepared for a new warm day we went out of our beds and up on deck to work our hours. It was windier than expected but lucky us, midship took the rain and our watch was rain free. The luck was on portside even yesterday at the big meeting since we won the lottery of the time zone. Tonight we crossed a time zone and one watch was supposed to get one hour less work. Portside was the lucky ones so our morning watch was only three hours long since one hour disappeared.

It’s weird with time zones. How one hour can disappear out of nowhere. Of course the captain proceeds the time zones when he decides to change the clock. But he’s not doing it with precession and it’s just weird how he is in charge of even the time.

Well enough about that. At first I didn’t feel seasick because I just tell myself that I can’t get seasick and believe it or not but it works to fool yourself as long as you really stick to it. At lunch though we discussed seasickness as usual and one of the students told me she had never ever got seasick but that she felt a little when she wrote on her computer earlier. And guess what, I feel a little right now because I thought, if she has symptoms and never got seasick before, its possible for me to feel it too. Guess I’ll just go straight up on deck right now.

Sara Henning


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