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The days go fast

Wednesday, day four at sea, but it feels like day one. This sailing trip from Mexico to Tampa, and also the next one from Tampa to Miami, my watch has the 4-8 watch and on this one you sleep all the time.

I think most of you already know how the schedule works but on the 4-8 watch your long sleeping hours is between 8 in the evening and 4 in the morning, which feels a little bit weird because you’re not tired at 8 in the evening, and you’re really tired at four in the morning. But even though you’re not tired after the watch in the afternoon, you force yourself to sleep because you know you will need it. And then you sleep, and then after watch you nap until lunch, and then you nap after lunch if you feel done with your school stuff (or nap anyways, because you can always catch up with schoolwork, but not as easily with naps). So to sum it up, you nap a lot, and the days go fast.

But now about today. As told, we woke up at four in the morning, or half past three to have time to put on some clothes, and then our watch took start. On this watch we were quite still until the fika* at five, and after that we started to prepare to put the top sails, so I and one more climbed up in the mast and took away the tamps from the sail so we would be able to put it. After the actions at least 30 dolphins appeared near the boat and I’m not sure they knew how to swim correctly because they crashed in to the ship several times. Some of them were baby dolphins and they jumped and landed on their backs instead of their stomachs’, maybe they just haven’t learn how to act formal and adult yet.

It was a fine day and it continued as usual, which means: nap, lunch, nap, watch, dinner, watch and then bedtime. All for today, sleep tight.

Ida Wiedel


*Fika is a sailing stormy weather that comes and goes every day at five sharp, which means that everyday our watch goes in to the little mess to have some squal but then we all need to run out to take care of the boat during the fika. I still don’t get why they don’t move the squal one hour forward.


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