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The day that everything went right

Cascais, 10 hours, amazing experiences and a whole lot of good food..

Today me and my friends went to a beach in the city Cascais, it took us one hour to get there from Lisbon. It was an fantastic beach with a lot of cultural mixes, for example a lot of tourists from all over the world hung out at this beach. We kind forgot that we were in Portugal because of this.

Except the beach in Cascais we also went to a place called Boca de inferno. It was a good twenty minutes walk in the sun, perfect for getting a nice tan, don’t you just love that perfect t-shirt tan. Boca de inferno is a place with a lot of beautiful cliffs and swelling waves over the reef.

We also came to an outstanding restaurant with hamburgers ”to die for”, the fries were perfect and they had the coolest drink I have ever tasted. The burgers were gluten free so I could eat how many I wanted to, it was like a dream, a gluten-free fantastic dream! The name of the restaurant was Mc Donald’s, best cheap, fast-food you can get in any country. Food can really amp up your mood in my opinion. If it’s good food onboard, i’m happy, if it’s somethings sweet to afternoon fika, I get super happy!

Cascais was great, i had a well spend day whit sunshine, good food and great company. What more can you wish for? simply the best day ever!

Malou, portside


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