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The day we arrive in Jamaica.... or not

There have been many conversations back and forth when the arrival date would be for our first stop on this journey, Jamaica. Right now it looks like we are going to arrive this evening, so we all hope that's the case.

I think everyone is looking forward to arrive in Jamaica. This week has included everything from sailing, seasickness, high waves and storms to cosy nightshifts with singing and laughing. Sometimes, especially when you hear an annoying voice in the middle of the night telling you to wake up and all you want to do is to turn around and continue sleeping, you ask yourself why you are doing this. Although, this question is simply answered when you a few hours later stand at the front of the ship in the sunlight watching dolphins play in the water.

In two hours my watch, Midship, are going to take over the workload (our watch is between 4pm to 8pm) and hopefully we will see Jamaica rise in the horizon during the late afternoon. Although, as our first officer Ulf says: this is depending on that the helmsman keep the right course (no pressure at all).

I guess you know for sure if we arrived in Jamaica if you continue reading our blogs, because now I'm going to get me some food.

Take care, Miranda.


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