Öckerö gymnasium

The day went by fast

Another eventful day. It wasn’t much that happened but still the day went very fast. The night to today it rained down on us. We were completely soaked so on the day after all the wet sailing clothes got hung up around the boat. There were clothes everywhere and everything looked almost the same. It wasn’t easy to find your jacket if you had an Helly Hansen merch on it. My own jacket is still completely gone.

It was unbelievaly hot and sweaty so Rondman had to constantly walk around and water both the posts and the workers. So the jackets and shoes dryied fast.

There are many on the boat who unfortunately have fallen ill so there are not many people on the guard exchange. We in starboard, that usually are fifteen people are a stong strength of ten or eleven people as maximum. We take care of each other and really hope that everyone will feel good and be healthy before we get to the port of Tampa and then an fly home.

Now it is not long until we come home to Sweden. A lot of studies now to get all the big school assignements ready before we have to leave the boat. We hope to arrive on January 17, but the wind is not really with us and we have had to go for engine almost all day today. But it’s okay because we got magically good pancakes for the night snack with both spray cream and sugar. Our wonderful backis did a very good job in the kitchen this day.




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