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The first day in Miami

After a long day of traveling we finally made it to Miami and the first thing I noticed was that I, as well as many others, have packed to much warm clothes. Because even if we arrived in the evening it was still warm outside and everyone was sweating after having to cary around our bags at the airport.

On the second day I had my alarm set on 5.45, since I was galley rat, and even if it seemed early at the time I went to bed I still woke up before the alarm went of. Im not sure if it was because of the time difference or because of the fact that I was excited for the next day.

After the breakfast we went up on deck at eight o’clock, like always, where we were informed of todays schedule. Even if most of us has been on board before we still need to refresh our memory so during the day we went through some security information, got equipment and climbed the rigging.

By the time we were finished with what we call ”familisering” the clock was about three and the captain said that midships and portside watch was allowed to get of the ship. After this had been said everyone quickly ran down to put on their swimwear and went to the beach. So far the weather has been amazing and the water is comfortably warm. I’m just curious how warm the rest of the trip is going to be if this is the coldest port we are going to…

Tomorrow portside watch is on guard while midships will have yet another day in town, this time together with starboard. I’m guessing we will stay around the beach area to get some sun, take a bath and probably eat some ice cream.

Hope you’re having a great time back home because we surely are having a great time here.

Silje Kaltenborn, midship.


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