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The first day In Morocco

So today was our first day here on Gunilla. First breakfast, first time on the main deck and the first day of 70. We haven’t got our internet yet so nobody has anything to do but work, sleep and talk to each other.

We spent the day getting to know the boat and the people in charge here on Gunilla. After the dinner one third of us didn’t have any work to do so we spent an hour in Safi. It was such an experience! We really stand out here, we even had two cops on a scooter driving about 2 meters behind us everywhere we went.

So to end this, Safi is a very interesting and beautiful town. Everything was so different and I am so tired from all of the new impressions and everything that we learned today. The only thing that would make this better would be internet for like 10 minutes so I could tell everybody at home that I am alive, but I guess this blog does that for me.




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