Öckerö gymnasium

The first day on Gunilla

After 33 hours trip from Sweden we are finally here. We are very excited to start our journey. We have very good weather with sun shine and 20 degrees. We start the day with line up on deck and the officer in command talk about what we are going to do this day.

After the line up we went to pack in our cabins. Those who wanted to had breakfast and then it was time to rest because everyone was tired after the trip. Around 13:30 it was lunch and then it was line up again on deck. The crew talk about what we were going to do today. We secured the knives and then we were in the engine room. The last thing we did that day on deck was climb the rig. Later that day we had spaghetti for dinner. After dinner we said goodbye to the students who sailed before us.

Mathias Freiman


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