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The first day on T/S Gunilla

Today was the first full day for us NASJ1720 on T/S Gunilla. We had familiarizing where we got a guided tour of the ship. We woke up at 7:00 AM, i have slept surprisingly well even though it was the first night. We all ate breakfast together and then the day started.

We climbed in the mast, had a tour of the machine room, got safety instructions (what we should do if something goes wrong) but we hope we won't need it. We also got a presentation of the crew and the captain. We all took turns helping the cook with the food and the dishes. It was my personal favourite thing to do on the boat.

After the dinner, which was served at 6 PM, most of us went out to take a tour of the city we are in now, Cadiz. The city is very very beautiful and very old. We watched det sunset, took pictures in the streets, ate ice cream (the ice cream here is so tasty-i really recommend it!). After the tour we went back to Gunilla for a quiet and chill evening outside because it is so hot. Tonight starboard has vakt so us others can sleep safely.

// Ebba, Elev babord


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