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The first Swimming stop

Hi everyone!

Today is our second sailing day from Las Palmas to Mindelo, so we are finally back at the sailing routines.

I woke up at 11 O’clock, eating some lunch as breakfast. Today it was served pasta carbonara, that is one of my favorite meals!

After that it was time for watch from twelve o’clock to four o’clock. The weather today was sunny, so we had a swimming stop. It was awesome! Everyone jumped or dove from the boat and most of us tanned as well. It was 20 degrees Celsius in the water and I also saw many dolphins and a very big turtle next to the boat.

We even had a fire drill today, so today’s watch were very still because of the swimming stop and then fire drill.

Around four o’clock I get spar time for the rest of the day, because we are free from school on Sundays. So I spend the time in the sun with my friends, we just chilled in the sun while listening to some music, waiting for dinner.

After dinner, I spend the night playing chess, I ate some snacks and watched a movie.

All in all the day had been successful

By Emilia Magnusson


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