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The foggy days

The last few days by sea have been really foggy, we can´t see more than a few meters from the boat. It feels like we are in the movie “The Pirates of the Carrebian” and at any second a big seamonster will appear between the fog. But that is not the case, we haven't actually seen anything. We couldn't even see the big cargo ship that was just about 100 meters away from us.

The wind is too slow so we are going by motor witch means we have done a lot of work on deck. Some of us are replacing different ropes in the rigg and others are painting. The rest of the watch are doing what they always do. There is always one person who have the responsibility to know where everyone are, so if someone falls overboard this person sees it first. Another person stands in the front of the boat to have a good view over the ocean so he or she can report to the captain if there is something in the way for us, the third person stands by the steering wheel and two persons help in the kitchen.

Today is Sunday and that means that we are free from classes but instead we had a big meeting with the whole boat at the same time and then we had meetings in our watches. We do it every Sunday at sea so we are used to it. Usually we also have a safety lesson before the meeting but today the topic of the lesson was “what if the rodder breaks”. We did that every watch by themselves so we didn't needed to do it before the big meeting.

And that was everything I had to say for this time, see you on Öckerö ;-)

XOXO Alicia


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