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The food disaster.

I'm going to start this blog by saying that everyone is okay and that Gunilla now is full of jummy food that we can enjoy here on the other side of the Atlantic. But it didn´t used to be that way since we have had a bit of a food problem.

We arrived to Progreso one day late due to the calm and not windy weather. Since we arrived one day late Hans (the Captain) said that we would extend our visit and stay one more day there. But the next day we get the bad news, we are leaving the same day as it was planned from the start. This is due to a bad front that we need to get passed if we want to arrive in the US the same day as we planned. After we heard the news a lot of people were disappointed, but it didn’t really effect our watch as we were the ones who had watch that Tuesday that we were leaving anyway anyways.

The days in Mexico just went on and on and I think that most people really enjoyed their visits, at least I did. One problem that was constant though were to get the busses out to the pier when we went to field trips. Not one single field trip went by without the buss being at least one hour late, one of the days the buss didn’t even show up. So, you can hear that we had very bad troubles with the transportations. Therefore, we should have known what was coming next…

We were expecting a load of food around Monday noon, the watch sat there waiting faithfully to be ready when the food was supposed to come. The only problem was that it never came. At last some of the students and one of the chefs went out to get the necessaries. But that food wouldn´t last long and the biggest problem was that we already had paid for the food that we waited for. The next day we were supposed to get it around lunch but no, we waited all day again. The problem was that we had decided to leave the harbor with the pilot around 17.30, which now wasn´t possible. Everyone sat up waiting for the food and at last it came. The time was around 20.00 and the food was therefore around 30 hours late.

Since we where in a big hurry everyone helped our watch out and we were done in no time. As soon as the boat was loaded, we hurried out to the open waters. In just a few hours our watch had loaded all the food, set nine sails and cleaned the boat both inwards and outwards.

When we went off from our watch that night everyone seemed more tired then usually. It had been one hectic night that ended with relief over all the food that finally came but also a bit of sadness. The ice cream had sadly melted before even touching the deck of Gunilla and now we had to slurp all the melted ice cream up in just the following hours.

I hope that you readers never tries to buy food four many thousands from Mexico because that chance of you getting it on time or at all are from our experience vary small.

Signe, Midship


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