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At home we take a piece of paper to wipe the milk spots on the table, but here it's a weapon towards coackroaches.

Today it's the first day on our second sealeg. Yesterday we left Santa Cruz and today we are heading towards Mindelo! The days at sea are almost the same everyday. You get waked up by the last rondman, breakfast, work, lunch, lessons, sparetime, dinner, work and then you go to bed.

Today i was working as a galley rat in the galley. I think it's the best job you can have on the boat. In the galley you help the chefs with cooking food, do dishes and clean the kitchen.

The breakfast that was served today was american pancakes with syrup. Which was delicious! It was also porridge with cinnamon, cooked eggs, youghurt and fresh baked bread with cheese and ham.

It can sometimes be a bit stressful to work in the galley. Because you have to do the dishes, set the tables, unset the tables, help with cooking and keep the kitchen clean. It's 3 watches

that are going to eat during a period of time. Every watch has 30 minuts to eat. As a galley rat you are serving the food. So you have to ask what everyone want and then quick serve the food. After the watch have eated you have a few minuts to unset the tables, do dishes, and set a new tables for the next watch. But i think it's fun!

The lunch that was served today was pizza. The chefs made the dough from scratch and made 4 differents pizzas. It was one vegetarian, which was feta cheese and zuchini. One cannibale with meat, onion and ham. Africana, which is a pizza with banana, mango chutney and ham. I usually don't like africana, but this one was super good! Finally we made a hawaii pizza with pineapples and ham.

Hawaii pizza is my favourite. The galley smelled so good after we made the pizzas. As you may notice we get really good food on the boat! The dinner today is pork chop.

Tonight i'm going to work in the galley again. Then we are going to make chocholate balls to my watch (midships). Which we all are very excited for!

On the night shifts you have to clean the galley. It's really importante to clean the floor from food. Because if it's food on the floor, the coackroaches will come. Which we don't want.

In the begining you freaked out when you saw a coackroach. But now when you are used to them you just take a piece of paper and smash the bug. The coachroach has a really hard shell, so you really have to push hard to get it killed. Sometimes you can hear when the shell breaks, which is very discusting.

But we have a lot of fun on the boat! The weather is nice too. Today it was sunny with cold breezes. Not too hot and not too cold. which is very nice.



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