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The hottest day

The first word I would use to describe today, friday the 31 of march 2017, would be hot. Not just hot as in “This is hot, but pleasant” NO this was the raw, extreme heat I though could only be found in a desert or perhaps in an active volcano. But apparently I was wrong.

Today was portsides watchday, which meant that it was our time to stay behind on the boat and work in the extreme heat while our friends had a nice day in the city. Thankfully it wasn't only we student who thought it was hot, our watchleader Björn, who is usually the ships handyman but who got degraded to watchleader for this day, said we could take a small siesta and work under deck for a while in the middle of the day. Oh how we love him! So between one and four pm the ship probably looked deserted since everyone was under deck and cleaned, both our own cabins as well as at our regular cleaning areas.

Today wasn't just the hottest day anyone can remember, it was also a very special day to a very special someone. This person is our dear cook John who celebrated his 30:th birthday. So at eight am we sang him a birthday song and after a lovely song he got to keep going strong by smashing a piñata, looking like Mr. Trump, yes president Trump, full of mexican candy. He got a big sombrero, and a lot of things from us students, suiting a man of his age. Like a cane and a tie.

At half past nine the other watches came back to the ship buzzing with excitement and experiences from their day in progreso. But after a long day full of work and a hot sun, I couldn't keep my eyes open any more, so after talking to a few of my friends I went to bed early and slept like a baby throughout the whole night to get a good night sleep before our last day in Mexico.

Linna Sjöquist



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