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The hottest day of southern Iceland

Today was a long and hot day, all at once. We got to experience the south side of Iceland. We enjoyed Iceland’s nature and beauty, during the 10 hour long trip.

I woke up one hour earlier than everyone else because the breakfast won’t make itself. Me and two others made breakfast in silence, as we mentally prepare to face another day. Today was quite different considering the field trip that was ahead of us. We had everything prepared from yesterday, the pie, the apples, the pizza buns and banana bread. Everyone silently took their food in a hurry before the bus arrived just on the dock beside Gunilla. As the bus drove away our guide informed us about the weather, which is otherwise unstable in Iceland. Not today however, it was soon revealed to be the hottest day yet this year in southern Iceland. Our guide gladly told us how extremely lucky we were. Our sailing clothes immediately felt like an overkill, but better safe than sorry right?

Our drive through the Icelandic countryside outside of Reykjavik really showed me why Iceland is full of myths and legends. There are mountains with snowy edges wherever you look, and no matter how hard you try, no picture can ever portray the powerful feeling. Meadows and mossy hills of stones, pushed up by the underground activity, covered the valleys. There is no better place to let your imagination take control and create stories about vikings, trolls or goblins. Each new place we visited had its own tale and history. Iceland truly has conserved the history and beauty of the hedonic culture, as could be seen in everything from waterfalls to viking themed restaurants.

I misunderstood when we did the second stop, and thought all the geysers were inactive which later made the experience much more exciting. The path we walked lead through several geysers when all of a sudden the biggest one erupted causing an intermittent discharge of water ejecting turbulently accompanied by hot steam. I realized my mistake and we immediately joined the other tourist (on a distance of course), and recorded the extraordinary event. The air filled with warm droplets and amazement. I actually succeeded to take some pretty good pictures even though I couldn’t capture the feeling.

Starboard, Annie


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