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The Hunt For The Red Shorts

A Story by Conny

Today was lovely day in Britain. I have been walking up and down the streets of Portsmouth, on the hunt of a pair of red shorts. Because when you have sailed over the Atlantic Ocean, you are allowed to wear a Red pair of chinos. However a red pair of shorts is not chinos, although I find a red short to be more convenient then chinos.

Unfortunately red shorts are not easy to come by. And the man I am, I do not find it amusing to do extensive periods of shopping. So the hunt for the red short had some small pause in between. The pauses were in form of a soccer break in a nearby park and on a restaurant eating some lovely food.

But the hunt for the Red shorts never stopped. Although I was near to give up hop after looking in several stores with no susses. But finely I found a Red pair of shorts in one of the best stores in the world. In a store that have it all, Called Hennes & Mauritz. Yes you heard right! I finely found my red shorts at H&M a store that have it all (when it comes to cloth). The successful hunt was celebrated by a way to expensive fish and chips at a fancy restaurant. Although the hunt was successful and the red pair of shorts where found with some extra bonus items. So the day was a Success! That was all from me Conny! I thank you for wasting your time reading this meaningless text about a pair of red shorts, and I wish you all a lovely continuation of this day!

P.s Did you count every time I mentioned red shorts?

/Nils Eklund


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