Öckerö gymnasium

The last cleaning and pizza party

A hot day, headicks that won’t go away and a last cleaning under ”backen” before we leave this boat. The cleaning evolved dirt, heavy tamps, more dirt, some funny jokes and water-fights. Something that made this dirty day a little bit better was the pizza party for lunch. One of the best meals in a while. Pontus our chef did it once again.

A new day and a new work day. I would like to make an announcement that ”backen” is one of the hottest places on this boat. And being under there a hot day like this did not make it any cooler. So there we were. The hours went by and we work hard (most of the time) we were sweating and we scrubbed and scrubbed. We missed something small and we needed to scrub again and why not scrub a bit over there? Then lunch came around and guess what the birthday child had ordered, PIZZA. Happy birthday by the way Lina!!! Not everyday you turn seventeen and need to spend the day cleaning under ”backen”. So back to the pizza. As we walk down the stairs to the big mess can you see the middle table full with pizza. But when we are standing there surrounding the table, the chefs comes down with more. Soon the table can’t fit all the pizza and the table need to be rearranged. Later it was time to actually eat and let me tell you we weren’t disappointed. One of the best meals we have had in a while. This lunch made the day so much better even tho we after had to go back to cleaning under ”backen”. We were eventually done and then we had to do the daily cleaning and then after twelve hours of cleaning we were finally done and had some free time before bed. We spent the night telling stories and watching a movie. Some jokes were told and laughs between us are exchanged but when the head finally touched the pillow and tiredness in you body just washed over you like the water-fight we had during the day. I don’t think I ever been so happy for a bed.



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