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The last day at Sea

Our last day at sea was eventful. We pranked each other, ate chocolate cake and stayed up late. Arriving in a new harbour is always exciting, but some of us weren’t so excited this time; this was our final day at sea in about one and a half year.

Since we were going to harbour, we had to put all of the sails back in their place. A lot of work, that is. Even though we were tired, we tried to enjoy it as much as we could, singing and making jokes. A lot of people stayed awake later than they usually do, to eat chocolate cake (our festive night-snack this night) and play guitar together on deck, as the waves were crashing into the hull of the boat and the moon was giving light to the night.

Others got really excited to pull some pranks. When I had finished my night-shift to get a good night’s rest, I found our room in a total mess (more of a mess than it usually is). My sheets were pulled off, and my shoes were separated and hidden. Oh, and when I opened my drawer looking for my underwear, i found someone else’s belongings there. I got more and more frustrated, and it didn’t end there. My toothbrush had salt on it, and there was Vaseline on all of our doorknobs. The same thing, more or less, happened to almost half of the students onboard. ’’They must have had so much fun when they did this’’, we thought, but we were too exhausted to prank them back.

Most of us have mixed feelings about the time that’s following. Some of us feel at home onboard, and wish to stay. Others want to leave. However, we still have one week left here together, in Cádiz. We’ll make the best of it and keep you updated.

Liv Leffler, midships


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