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The last day at sea

Like every other day, even this one started with a lovely sunrise and ended with an even lovelier sunset.

There’s just one little problem with this [the] sun going up and down. I always miss the sunrise and believe it or not, but I always miss the sunset as well.But like every other day, even this day went by and, wow it went by well.

I woke up in one of the worst ever ways today. Two of my classmates, pushed my side and said “Goooood morning William, let’s go exercise!!” My answer was quick and easy, “NO”. But at the same time as I said NO I remembered. The night before I promised that we would exercise this morning. This meant I had no other choice then to get up and exercise. By saying this, I will trash talk myself, in my own blog, but I’m not good at keeping my promises. Me trying to keep my promise resulted in me watching them train while I was working on my tan. Thanks to them, I’m now brown because they exercised for a whole hour, thank you my dear friends.

After that I went straight into the kitchen. With Håkan Hellström in the speakers the hours flied away and I had a great time. So, that’s a recommendation to you guys. If you want the time to fly, listen to HH. It was great fun to work in the kitchen and I hope that I made people stuffed to the brim. To lunch we served a fish soup with aioli and bread which was quite popular. We swedes tend to eat a lot of bread and that was the case today as well. Almost everyone wanted white bread and not grain bread. So, I gave them white bread and after a while they went out with a big smile on their faces. Serving people or not, I continued to listen to HH.

Four hours in the kitchen and now I was dancing in to the classroom. Still singing along to HH. It was time for class and here I am right now. Sitting, and sometimes even lying down, writing this blog. So, trying to make an end of this blog I would like to say thanks for reading. If you promise to focus on having a wonderful day tomorrow, I promise that I will try to behold the wonderful sunrise and the sunset. I promise you and I WILL, Keep This Promise!

William Andreasson


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