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The last day in Cádiz

Our first day sailing Gunilla has been an adventure. Everything from many people getting seasick to me accidentally melting sugar straight onto the stove has happened in the course of 4 hours.

Today has been a better day than expected. Instead of leaving for Gibraltar at lunch Portside and Starboard got some free time from 12 until 5 o’clock. Of course it’d be fun to get to Gibraltar earlier but it felt great to head into town one last time. We ate amazing ice cream and looked out over the wave covered ocean from the beautiful city of Cadiz.

We’re now on our way to Gibraltar. My first watch is over and I feel great. When Gunilla is riding the high waves it’s like a rollercoaster. Being inside a kitchen working as a ”backis” in a rollercoaster-boat isn’t the easiest, especially when it’s your first time as a ”backis”. Therefore, many accidents occurred. For example, I accidentally melted sugar straight onto the stove and put milk powder into water that was supposed to be boiled without anything in it. Although I made many mistakes and was pretty dizzy, it was a fun watch.

I’m so excited for the days to come. Hopefully the people that are seasick will feel better the next watch and the weather won’t be too bad.

Josefin Nilsson



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